Website Recruiting…Is It Possible?

There are many companies making a lot of promises to law enforcement agencies about what a website can do for them. While a professional website is no doubt important, many are confused as to what purpose the site should be used for.


SAFEGUARD Recruiting has spent years studying the trends and patterns of potential recruits and while an agency should have a professional website that tells their story, the actual website is not the most important piece in recruiting.


Think of your website like the “front door” to your business.


It needs to look clean, be informative and even motivate, but it takes more than that to recruit.


We implore several specific methods when we help a client. We call it the “touchpoint” system, where all of the elements compliment and even touch each other. The website is one of several tools that we use and this is how we use it.


When we build websites for clients, we ensure that the dedicated page for recruiting is easily and quickly digested by the end user. Attention spans are short and it’s easy to overwhelm an audience so that is the second priority of a website.


Priority #1

You read that right, the actual look of the website is not our first priority. Many of our clients already have a website and they aren’t interested in updating it or developing it to our standards but we recommend one important aspect to the website and we have found that very few agencies have it.


The Lead Magnet

Everyone reading this has experienced a lead magnet on a website. Maybe you grabbed that free e-book or took that free course but it wasn’t really for free. You gave something for that…you provided your e-mail or phone number.



We stopped after visiting a dozen well known law enforcement companies and couldn’t find one lead magnet to show as an example so it’s safe to say that law enforcement agencies aren’t the only ones playing catch up with this concept.


The goal of your lead magnet is to provide something of value to the person on your website in exchange for their contact information.


Depending on your needs, which is likely recruiitng, SAFEGUARD Recruiting will develop your lead magnet and track the conversion rates so that magnet can be optimized for full potential.


Building a Relationship

At its core, a lead magnet is not just about grabbing contact information for recruiting purposes.; it’s a relationship-building tool. By offering valuable content, whether it’s an ebook, webinar, template, or exclusive access to insights, you establish a connection with your audience. This initial exchange sets the stage for ongoing engagement.


Optimizing Landing Pages

A compelling lead magnet requires an equally compelling landing page We design pages that clearly communicates the value of your offer that includes a persuasive call-to-action, with minimal distractions. Our goal is to provide the end user with a seamless user experience and that will significantly impact conversion rates.


Staying Compliant

The internet can be a complicated place so it is important that there is a full awareness of the privacy and data regulations. Our lead magnets clearly communicate how the information provided will be used and we ensure compliance with applicable laws, such as GDPR or CAN-SPAM.



A website alone will do very little for your recruiting efforts but the system inside and around your website will put gasoline in the engine for success. We would love to help your recruiting efforts and we believe that our proven system is not only economical in finances but time. Our system can do the work 24/7 and if you would like to know more, contact SAFEGUARD Recruiting today.

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