Services Built
From Experience

SAFEGUARD Recruiting has built its services based on real world experience. Our 80+ years of combined law enforcement experience are the basis of everything we offer.

Recruiting & Retention Consulting

SAFEGUARD Recruiting shares our industry leading knowledge with departments nationwide… For free. We have a passion for the first responder community and want to help any way we can, even if that means providing our time to you at no cost.

Targeted Lead Generation

Our lead generation process does far more than find you qualified candidatess. We find people who meet YOUR hiring needs and get them excited to work for YOU. No more hoping the right person walks into a job fair or drives by a billboard.

Live Campaign Tracking

Trust is built from transparency. Our campaign dashboards allow departments to know exactly what is happening 24/7. Nothing is hidden.

Professional Content Creation

Who doesn’t want their department to present itself in the best manner possible? SAFEGUARD has the photo, video, and industry partnership teams needed to make sure that you stand out as the top employer you are. 

Web Design

Your department needs more than another flashy website. You need a website designed for the purpose of recruiting. Custom landing pages, web automations, short forms, you name it. SAFEGUARD will turn your website from something that looks cool into a recruiting machine.

Dedicated Recruiting Strategist

Your dedicated recruiting strategist will take a hands-on approach for the entirety of your campaign. This enables us to better understand your department needs, optimize results, and provide the best overall customer support.

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