Case Studies

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I Cannot Call the Applicants Fast Enough, and I Am in Shock As To How Effective And How Quick The SAFEGUARD Recruitment Campaign For My Agency Worked!

We tried all the traditional recruiting methods including sponsoring posts on job boards and got nothing. As soon as our SAFEGUARD Campaign went live, the candidates started rolling in.

Recruiting Dashboards

All of SAFEGUARD Recruiting’s clients receive their own customized campaign dashboard built with Looker Studio. Below are the dashboards from real campaigns.

Sample A

This campaign ran for one month in early 2024. It combined images and video in a targeted social media lead generation campaign. The campaign focused on people interested in starting their career as a Police Officer Recruit.

Sample B

This is a one month campaign that ran in 2024. It focused solely on getting people interested in joining the Sheriff’s Office as a Jail Deputy.  Entry level and expereinced candidates were encourage to apply.

Sample C

Sample C focuses on a campaign that looked to fill Recruit and Lateral Officer positions. This department can hire from the surrounding states and wants to bring people in to their thriving community.

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