“The training on recruiting blew me away. Finally, we have hope that we will not only be able to recruit the best and the brightest but retain those officers for many years to come.”
— Jason, Providence (RI)

“This was one of the most informative and dynamic courses we have seen at our annual conference in many years.”
— Rebecca, Oregon Department of Public Safety

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Here Are Just Some Of The Topics You Will Receive

What Is Recruiting

Learn what recruiting is and why simply “marketing” your agency will not work.

How To Leverage Technology

Recruiting is more than a fancy website or online campaign. Our team will provide cutting edge resources that will drive candidates to your agency.

Leadership Is The Key

Recruiting is about leadership more than benefits and wages. Our team will break down the latest research and show your agency exactly what leaders can do immediately to attract candidates.

Best Practices

Our team knows what works and what doesn’t work. You will leave this dynamic seminar with the best practices in the industry to recruit at the highest level.

Social Media

Millions of dollars are being spent with online recruiting campaigns but Big Tech is keeping a secret that tends to take your money with very little result. We can help you save money while attracting great candidates.



Recruiting means nothing if you are unable to retain employees. Our team will provide you the latest data and research on how you can ensure that the hard work you put in to hire never goes to waste.

Endorsed By Industry Leaders

SAFEGUARD Recruiting is the only recruiting firm endorsed by the Law Enforcement Recruiter Association (LERA) and Law Officer Magazine. Contact us today and find out why SAFEGUARD is leading the industry.

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Police Recruiting With Social Media

Police Recruiting With Social Media

As I have previously discussed, law enforcement actually practicing recruiting is a new phenomenon. Until recent years, there were always more qualified candidates than openings and while agencies typically “recruited,” the efforts had more to do with marketing their...