Why Touchpoints Matter For Law Enforcement Recruiting

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Building positive relationships is a must in today’s job market, where top talent has the pick of the litter. And as recruiters, it’s our job to connect with even the most passive job seekers, proving your agency is the right fit for them.

By utilizing touchpoints, you can form meaningful connections with your candidates and make the recruitment process enjoyable for all involved. 

In this post, we’ll explore the impact of touchpoints on the recruitment process and provide best practices for using touchpoints effectively in police recruitment.

But what are touchpoints? And how do they benefit law enforcement recruitment?

Whether or not you’re aware of it, your recruitment relies on consistent touchpoints!

Touchpoints are any contact you make with a potential candidate, including emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings – this contact, or ‘touch’, helps inform them about your agency and how it could be the right fit for their career goals.

Think of it as a way to build trust between yourself and your potential officer.

Research published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology emphasizes the importance of building trust and rapport with potential recruits. Effective communication and engagement during the recruitment process are crucial for establishing a positive relationship between recruitment officers and candidates. This relationship-building aspect is instrumental in attracting qualified individuals to law enforcement careers.

Not only do touchpoints help to build a relationship with candidates, but they’re also vital in helping you to understand their needs and interests better.

You can use the knowledge gained from touchpoints to personalize your recruitment strategies and ensure you’re reaching out to the most qualified candidates for your position.

They’re the perfect way to keep track of progress in your recruitment process, allowing you to figure out where things are going wrong or right and make adjustments as needed.

In short, touchpoints are a great way to build relationships with job seekers, develop personalized recruitment strategies, and keep track of the progress in your officer search.

How can I use touchpoints to keep up with hiring trends?

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When it comes to touchpoints, there are three main types: online, offline, and personal.

Online touchpoints are all about digital interactions.

Think website, online ads, email, and targeted lead generation. Utilizing the internet allows agencies to reach a wider audience of passive-seekers and provides easy access to information about the opportunity to seekers!

Offline touchpoints are more traditional.

They’ll include things like events, print ads, and car wraps.

These touchpoints often make a lasting impression and can be especially effective for building brand awareness. Still, they lack the instant responses from candidates that an ad on Facebook/Instagram or chatting via SMS provides.

And finally, personal touchpoints are all about face-to-face interactions.

With job fairs, officer referrals, and one-on-one conversations with recruiters, the candidate and the employer can better understand one another on a more personal, intimate level.

Personal touchpoints are great for building strong, personal relationships with candidates and can be particularly impactful in law enforcement, where personal connections are meaningful.

All three touchpoints are essential; when used together, they can create a powerful recruitment strategy!

How can we attract passive-seeking candidates?

Touchpoints are the secret sauce of law enforcement recruitment! Here’s how you can utilize them to boost interest from passive-seeking candidates.

  • Build a strong brand image – By consistently delivering a positive message and vision through various touchpoints, recruiters can create a solid and appealing brand that candidates want to be a part of.
  • Provide insider information about the agency – Give your candidates insight into agency culture! It’ll allow them to make an informed choice on a career with you. To attract top talent, why not provide comprehensive information to potential applicants so they can have an in-depth understanding of what it would be like working for your agency?

  • Demonstrate the agency’s commitment – Touchpoints can also show candidates that the agency values and invests in their well-being. This could include great pay and benefits, professional development opportunities, and mentorship programs.
  • Create a positive candidate experience – From the moment a candidate learns about the agency to the moment they receive an offer, you can create a smooth and enjoyable experience that leaves them feeling valued and excited about the opportunity to join the team.

In short, touchpoints are critical for law enforcement recruitment because they help build relationships, provide information, and create a positive experience for candidates. By leveraging touchpoints effectively, recruiters can attract and retain top level talent!

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What are the best touchpoint practices for recruiting?

Be consistent in your messaging.

To build a positive impression on candidates that sticks in their head, you must keep consistent across all communications.

Use the same tone and wording, and if you tell a candidate you’ll follow up with them in the morning, follow up with them in the morning!

Technology is on our side with this one, and it’s a game-changer when applying consistent recruitment practices. 

There are many tools out there to automate communications, streamline the recruitment process, keep your brand consistent across all channels, and even track the impact of your touchpoints on recruitment outcomes.

Keep the computers from doing all the hard work for you, though.

Personalization and human connection are essential when it comes to attracting candidates.

Take the time to call every candidate, and customize your touchpoints based on their specific needs and interests.

It could be something as small as using their name in an email, customizing the information you provide based on their background, or even reaching out to them directly for a ride-along!

Make every one of your candidates feel comfortable by showing genuine interest in them. Your agency will be rewarded tenfold with attentive, hard-working employees who value it.

Of course, to know whether your communication strategy is successful, you must keep an eye on it.

It’s essential to regularly monitor and measure the impact of your touchpoints on recruitment outcomes. It’ll help you understand what’s working and what’s not and allow you to improve and optimize your touchpoint strategy over time.


Ultimately, touchpoints are a powerful tool for hiring officers.

By maintaining consistent messaging and creating personalized experiences demonstrating the agency’s commitment to its employees, recruiters can make their recruitment process stand out.

Utilize technology tools and automate communications where you can, and you’ll ensure every candidate receives an optimal experience throughout the entire process.

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