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For the first time in the history of the United States, cities are unable to find candidates to join the first responder community. SAFEGUARD Recruiting has revolutionized the hiring process by bringing qualified candidates directly to agencies while providing real time results and successes.


West Valley City PD

"SAFEGUARD Recruiting has been an excellent resource for my agency and has far surpassed our previous efforts. Not only have our applicants increased but the quality of candidates have improved greatly."

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Our founding team has decades of law enforcement experience. That experience is the foundation our services are built on.

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Initial Strategy

SAFEGUARD meets with your department to learn your exact hiring needs and brainstorm the best way to meet those needs.



We begin the video, photography, ad, website, and any other asset that needs to be created.



SAFEGUARD combines the strategy and assets to target qualified candidates for you.



Real time data drives the constant improvement of your recruiting campaign.

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Traditionally, the first responder community has not had to recruit. Recruiting campaigns or recruiting officers were primarily used to convince someone who was already going into the profession to come to that respective agency. In recent years, that has all changed. There is no longer hundreds of willing candidates waiting to enter the profession within each community and that is where SAFEGUARD Recruiting can help. Through our experience and technology, we bring recruits to you rather than you going to them.

There is no shortage of headhunters or companies that utilize technology to assist companies in recruiting but we are different in some very distinct ways. We are the first and only recruiting company that only focuses on public safety rather than adding public safety to other industries. This gives us a unique advantage in that we not only are able to provide personal service but our team either works full time in public safety or are retired from the profession. In short, we know what you need and we know what candidate(s) can help you fulfill your mission.

Agencies can begin a campaign for as little as $999 per month. Every campaign is different and we provide custom quotes to fit your needs but we are convinced that no one else can provide what we can provide for the cost involved. Traditionally recruiting inside an agency typically involves full or part-time personnel and the travel costs associated with an active recruiting campaign. For a fraction of that cost, we guarantee results like you may have never imagined.

Our primary mission is to ensure that communities across the country are safe and that cannot be accomplished without full staffing. Secondly, we care about those communities and the agencies that represent them. It certainly takes money for our business to continue but that is not our primary goal. If budget is an issue, we recommend contacting us anyway and see how we can help.

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