Doug Larsen, President

Doug Larsen is a retired law enforcement executive with twenty years of experience in business development and client-centered sales. His expertise in account development and B2B procedures is unmatched in the recruiting industry.

Email Doug at: Doug@safeguardrecruiting.com

Jake Peters

Jake is a digital marketing expert in the recruiting industry and has spent the last several years developing those skills for the trucking industry. His success in that challenging environment is a perfect match for law enforcement.

Email Jake at: Jake@safeguardrecruiting.com

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Police Recruiting Is Not ‘Cool’

Police Recruiting Is Not ‘Cool’

It is no secret that law enforcement recruiting is in the middle of a crisis. I’ve discussed what was coming for several years and while I used to spend time convincing others that our recruiting strategies must change, most are now on board. While I applaud the...