Pre-Launch Interview

Once you become our client, we begin a discussion on your needs and desires. We custom every recruiting campaign for you. Details that include candidate qualifications, education, diversity needs and even what part of the country you would like the candidate to come from will be discussed.

Expert Collaboration

While most recruiting firms launch generic campaigns, we have found success in working with experts in the industry that you are recruiting from. Whether law enforcement, fire service or another public service entity, we will work with those already in the profession as we build our campaign.

Campaign Launch

Using our proprietary software, combined with your desires and our experts within the selected industry, we will launch a recruiting campaign that targets your exact needs. You will be provided a custom dashboard to track leads in real-time and you will be able to immediately understand your return on the investment you have made.

Followup & Progress

Once we launch your campaign, our work is just beginning. We will monitor the campaign daily and make changes throughout the process to maximize your results. The various social media platforms are constantly changing the algorithm and we prove ourselves on staying ahead so that you get the ultimate benefit.

“The process and ideology of SAFEGUARD Recruiting is the answer for the future of law enforcement.”
— Travis Yates, Author & Trainer, “The Courageous Police Leader”

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How to Start Social Media Recruiting for Law Enforcement

How to Start Social Media Recruiting for Law Enforcement

When it comes to using social media for recruiting, law enforcement has been a bit behind compared to other industries. Officers love social media, it helps them stay connected with loved ones while away for work. Yet, departments are afraid to implement any type of...

Police Recruiting With Social Media

Police Recruiting With Social Media

As I have previously discussed, law enforcement actually practicing recruiting is a new phenomenon. Until recent years, there were always more qualified candidates than openings and while agencies typically “recruited,” the efforts had more to do with marketing their...

Website Recruiting…Is It Possible?

Website Recruiting…Is It Possible?

There are many companies making a lot of promises to law enforcement agencies about what a website can do for them. While a professional website is no doubt important, many are confused as to what purpose the site should be used for. SAFEGUARD Recruiting has spent...