Automating the Police Recruiting Process with an Applicant Tracking System

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SAFEGUARD Recruiting's Police Applicant Tracking System

The days of law enforcement agencies sitting back and waiting for applications are over. While some blame that on an overall police recruiting crisis, many understand that effective processes can significantly increase applications.

I have discussed the incredible success of SAFEGUARD Recruiting many times but it was that success that hurt them early on. Jake Peters leads digital recruiting with SAFEGUARD Recruiting and he tells me that one of their first clients convinced them that they had to implement a system for applicant tracking.

Peters told me that his team had sent over 200 candidates to a small agency in a month and while he told the client to be prepared, they clearly weren’t. Receiving more candidates in a month than they had received in the last few years, the agency had one part-time recruiter to keep up with the names and their frustration led them to abandoning the campaign.

The experience helped push Peters and his team to develop an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for their future clients.

Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application designed to manage and streamline the hiring process. It enables organizations to handle job applications and manage recruitment efforts electronically. Robust but easy to use, SAFEGUARD developed an Applicant Tracking System that automatically places candidates inside the system along with immediate messaging in text and email to the candidate.


SAFEGUARD Recruiting uses their copyright experts to build emails and texts for each of their clients and the recruiter can bulk send texts and emails at the recommended intervals to the candidates. Recruiters can communicate with individuals within the ATS and all of that communication remains for the chain of command to review and rate each candidate.

Peters explained that the new generation of employees requires constant communication to stay engaged and the system enables that in just a few minutes a day for the agency.

Job Posting

While SAFEGUARD Recruiting has pioneered finding police candidates across the country, once the job description is placed on the ATS, that description and job is automatically placed on over 20 job boards with those applicants also being sent directly into the digital platform.

Candidate Screening and Evaluation

Each step of the hiring process is documented within the Applicant Tracking System and any document associated with the individual client can be uploaded by the agency or applicant at each step. Peters tells us that one of the most popular sections of their system is the rating system that the chain of command can review and comment on. “With one click, the agency can see every detail of the applicant including all communication,” according to Peters.

Efficient Interview Scheduling and Communication

Coordinating interviews for multiple candidates can be a logistical challenge. SAFEGUARD’s system simplifies this by offering embedded calendars and interview scheduling features. This not only saves time but also enhances the candidate experience by making the process more convenient and user-friendly.

Moreover, the ATS facilitates seamless communication between recruitment teams and candidates. Automated email templates and notifications ensure that candidates are kept informed throughout the process, from application receipt to final decision. This transparency builds trust and keeps candidates engaged.

Data-Driven Decision Making

An ATS provides robust reporting and analytics features that offer valuable insights into the recruitment process. Recruitment teams can track key metrics such as the number of applications received, the average time to hire, the sources of successful candidates, and more. These insights enable police departments to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their recruitment strategies.

Ensuring Compliance and Security

Law enforcement agencies must adhere to strict regulations and standards in their hiring processes. An ATS ensures compliance by maintaining accurate records of all recruitment activities, from job postings to final hiring decisions. This is particularly important for audits and legal compliance. Furthermore, the SAFEGUARD platform prioritizes data security, ensuring that sensitive candidate information is protected. With robust security measures in place, law enforcement agencies can mitigate the risk of data breaches and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of candidate information.


SAFEGUARD Recruiting has revolutionized each step of the recruiting process and they have expanded to background checks that can be done within the ATS and additional features continue to be added. Their efforts represent a significant advancement for law enforcement agencies across the country.

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